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LEAKED: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Plans

The twitter account @BackDoorDisney has just posted the layout of the entire attraction of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. These plans seem quit realistic and make sense from a design perspective and...

We Tricked 30,000 People With Our April Fools Concept Art Idea! An Iron Man...

Today, Disney just announced plans for a new Iron Man themed ice cream parlor at all three of their new marvel themed lands in Disneyland, Disney Paris, and Disney Hong Kong. The...

Disney to ban smoking in all U.S. Parks

Starting on May 1st, 2019, all current smoking area's will be removed inside Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Downtown Disney, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and all water parks. This is a...

Wreck It Ralph could be getting it’s own ride in the future if this...

Have you ever wondered what a Wreck It Ralph ride would look like? Well we definitely did! And that's why we've created our own version of the ride. Read our detailed blog post about our Wreck it Ralph ride, there's nothing like it on the internet!

Behind The Scenes Look at Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Disney recently released a brand new behind the scenes look at their newest attraction to be released. Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy at Hollywood Studios in Disney World This brand new show will feature Lightning McQueen in a way never seen before! Guests will sit down and be entertained on a 200 foot long screen.

A Mac n Cheese Truck is coming to Disney Springs!

A new food truck is coming to Disney Springs! While it's name isn't the most original, Mac & Cheese Truck, it definitely conveys what it will be serving up! And we're very excited for what they are dishing out! A lot of Mac & Cheese!

Star Wars Land at Disneyland to open May 31st! But there is some bad...

Disney just dropped the official dates for the opening of both star wars lands in Anaheim and Orlando.

Disney just unveiled the food and drinks at their new Star Wars land!

With the opening of Star Wars land fast approaching, Disney is slowly building up its publicity for their newest expansion. With newly released images of the food and drinks to be expected, we can already tell that they have put a lot of effort into crafting food that is both delicious and out of this world looking.

Fastpass Reservations could soon be cancelled at Disney World if you cancel your room...

In an ever growing rumor from internal sources, Disney World is planning on taking action against guests that game their system for fastpass tickets. The current and soon to be defunct method was making a hotel reservation to access the 60 day fastpass reservation system. Normally one could only reserve fastpasses 30 days prior to their trip if they were not staying at a Disney World hotel.

Purple Treats are Coming to Disney World!

It's a new year and the trending color at Disney World is Purple! There are a huge variety of purple treats, souvenirs, and other things coming. Feel free to Instagram all these treats, tweet them, or add them to your wall. These purple items arrived at Disney World on January 7th and they look amazing! Read the full blog to see all the amazing treats any foodie would go gaga over!

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