Build Your Own Coaster In Snapchat!

There's a new lense out for Snapchat that lets you build your very own coaster! Make loops, crazy drops, and change the colors of your attraction. Made by...

Dream Big with the movie Wonder Park!

Wonder Park, an exciting new movie from Paramount Animation and Nickelodean Movies just came out this weekend. It's an exciting voyage into the powers of imagination and what you can achieve.

James Gunn is Back! Once Fired Director Will Return to Direct Guardians of the...

James Gunn, who was fired last July after alt-right journalists dug up ancient tweets of his, has been reinstated as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. GOTG 3 has been plagued by many directors not wanting to take on the project and some even advocating for Gunn coming back. Most actors in the movie also publicly stated they wanted Gunn back with Dave Bautista even threatening to not be a part of any future Disney movies. He went on to say that he would fulfill his contract for GOTG 3 because he doesn't break his promises.

We created an extensive list of Theme Park Chatrooms. Find your park and join...

One of the problems we sometimes encounter at parks is not knowing. Whether its not knowing if its busy, our favorite ride is indeed open, or if something is sold out. That's...

There is a new challenger to Disney Paris in Europe

There are some great theme parks in Europe including Disney Paris, Efteling, Alton Towers, and Europa. However, there will soon be another competitor in the market. Currently named, The London Resort(formerly called Paramount Park), this new part will open in Dartford Kent. Originally planned to open in 2019, significant delays caused the date to be pushed back until 2024.

The First Roller Coaster At Sea!

Introducing BOLT, the fastest and first roller coaster at sea. Guests can strap in and hold on as they are whisked around the top of a Carnival cruise ship. Soon to be available on the Mardi Gras cruise ship in 2020, this fast roller coaster will be a huge thrill for guests aboard. Since Mardi Gras is their newest and largest ship in the fleet measuring in at 1129 feet, this track will have a lot of space to move. You'll find yourself 187 feet above sea level as you zoom around the ship.


A post on reddit has been getting a lot of interesting responses from former Theme park workers. The post was made on AskReddit where users can submit their own personal stories on a certain...

The Top 25 Themeparks ranked by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor recently announced their annual list of the best Themeparks and Waterparks around the world! You'll notice that Disneyworld and Universal in Orlando hold the top two spots. This is usually the case as...

New VR Themepark Opens in China!

A new themepark opened in China. Located in Guizhou province of the southwestern part of China, this new park spans 330 acres! It's name, Oriental Science Fiction Valley. At a reported cost of $470...

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